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Van Cleef & Arpels, Watch Room

Step into Timeless Luxury: Unveiling the Extraordinary Watch Sanctuary Inspired by Nature's Enchantment


The Vancleef and Arpel's watch room is an exquisite showcase within a private residence, dedicated solely to highlighting the unparalleled 400 million baht timepiece owned by the homeowner.


Inspired by the enchanting allure of the Himalayan forest, every element in this room embodies the watch's captivating natural theme. Delicately suspended from the ceiling, a remarkable textile artwork resembling leaves captures the essence of this ethereal realm. Illuminating the space, crystal chandeliers take the form of mystical fruits found within the forest, adding a touch of enchantment. The interior wall is a masterful creation, meticulously handcrafted with solid wood and adorned with a hand-painted leaf pattern, exclusive to this space, which evokes an immersive atmosphere reminiscent of a mythical woodland. Nestled at the very core of this extraordinary room lies the prized and unparalleled timepiece, symbolizing the epitome of opulence and refinement.

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