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Fashion-forward furniture kiosk, blending textiles and old-world charm with a contemporary twist

A kiosk showcasing SB Furniture and VATANIKA's special furniture collection blends fashion and interior design seamlessly.


Inspired by VATANIKA, a renowned fashion designer and icon, this design redefines fashion by extending it beyond clothing to encompass furniture. This design elegantly captures the essence of 'old world charm,' VATANIKA's personal favorite style, with a contemporary twist. The classic wall molding, adorned in shades of pink and blue against an old rose backdrop, is intricately embellished with motifs of squirrels and butterflies, adding a distinctive and emotional touch to the space.  The front display features a transparent partition crafted from interwoven pink and copper metal stripes, symbolizing the connection between textiles and fashion. Furthermore, an exuberant, oversized hanging flower bouquet dominates the area, providing a whimsical burst of color and vitality.

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