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Private Residence, Thonglor

Residential penthouse harmoniously blends modernity with 'Celestial Crystal' theme


The residential penthouse, inspired by the theme of ‘Celestial Crystal,' seamlessly blends modernity with futuristic elements.


The idea for this dwelling originated from the owner's extensive collection of crystal figurines, which served as a wellspring of creativity. The design team drew inspiration from the captivating allure of crystals and the imaginative forms encapsulated in these figurines, resulting in an apartment that captures the awe-inspiring beauty of crystals. The expansive living area boasts a refined yet lavish aesthetic, featuring elements such as mother of pearl wallpaper and meticulously coordinated marble walls. The focal point of the room is an exquisite chandelier composed of numerous suspended crystal pieces, gracefully hovering above a circular sofa ensemble, symbolizing the essence of the celestial crystal concept. To showcase the owner's crystal collection, a distinctive stainless steel feature shelf was crafted, designed to mimic the faceted shape of a crystal. It is embellished with vertical lighting lines that symbolize the Celestial crystal concept."

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