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Private Penthouse, Thonglor

Indulge in Exquisite Living: Where Opulence Meets Nature's Embrace


This luxurious private penthouse embodies opulence and seamlessly combines urban living with the beauty of nature.


Each area within the interior design reflects a distinct theme, enhancing its allure. The entrance hall creates a tranquil outdoor experience, with stunning views of the city. Copper partitions adorned with a floral pattern enclose a garden seating area, while the reflective stainless steel ceiling adds an airy feel. The living room draws inspiration from the ocean, featuring a grand sofa set and a magnificent crystal chandelier resembling swimming fish, harmoniously blending elegance and marine elements. Connected to the living area, the dining room offers a multi-layered visual treat. A marble counter with built-in cabinets represents shimmering water, while a leaf-shaped glass chandelier symbolizes falling leaves. A sparkling crystal-clad bar and waterfall-inspired chandelier complete the scene. The spa room, despite its limited space, transforms into a captivating jungle retreat with custom-printed wallpaper showcasing lush foliage. Copper arches and wall lamps enhance the atmosphere, making it visually stimulating.

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