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Park Origin, Thonglor

Modern natural ambiance with organic design elements


The lobby lounge boasts a natural modern ambiance, with its reception area designed to captivate visitors. The reception desk is a unique, custom creation, set in a circular layout, and adorned with a suspended lighting strip, reminiscent of a tree's annual rings.


Surrounding the reception, the feature wall showcases a striking blend of textured wallpapers, inspired by the lush forest of trees that envelops this area. The main lounge area is furnished with organic shapes that draw inspiration from nature, complemented by a crystal chandelier that mimics the graceful descent of leaves. In the meeting room, green tones with vibrant orange accents evoke the richness of a bountiful forest adorned with fruit-bearing trees. Above, the ceiling is adorned with reflective stainless steel, creating a rippling effect reminiscent of water's gentle motion.

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