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Life Sierra, Sathorn

Where Nature Meets Urban Elegance: Immerse Yourself in Enchanting Coral Splendor


Embracing the vision of "bringing the natural world into the city," the design inspiration come from the site's distinctive characteristics, striving to seamlessly merge the magnificence of the natural realm with urban residential spaces.


The majesty of forested lands, mountain ranges, canyons, and other awe-inspiring wonders of nature, fuel the creative process. Inspired by the resplendent coral reefs, vibrant underwater forests, our design for the sale gallery captivates attention and sets itself apart. Walls adorned with special iridescent metallic color, shifting from purple hue when viewed from one angle to green when seen from another angle. These colors reflect the ever-changing, kaleidoscopic nature of coral reefs. To complement this mesmerizing backdrop, the floor boasts a sandy, textured ceramic tile reminiscent of pristine rocky beaches, creating a striking contrast against the purple-green iridescence. Above, copper ceiling lamps dangle gracefully, resembling  sea creatures suspended in the ocean. At the heart of the gallery, an glass box takes center stage, bathed with natural light from the sky above. Within its transparent confines, exotic plants breathe life into the space, bringing an authentic touch of nature into the interior.

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