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Life, Hype ASOKE

Embrace the Fusion of Cultures,

Unleash Your Urban Hype!

The design concept combines eclectic and contemporary styles, drawing inspiration from Bangkok's multicultural CBD. It features a dominant deep maroon color, representing the vibrant "Hype" lifestyle.


The design elements blend diverse cultural influences, resulting in a space that is both familiar and pleasantly surprising. The entrance impresses with a metallic wall/ceiling and a captivating crystal chandelier. Seating areas creatively incorporate synthetic plants within stainless steel fixtures, adding a touch of nature. Floating meeting rooms enclosed in stainless steel create a sense of wonder in the co-working space below. Materials undergo innovative treatments, such as transforming mosaic wood walls into a captivating metallic maroon finish. Custom-printed wallpaper mimics the beauty of natural marble walls. The space also showcases captivating artworks from Moooi's Tokyo Blue collection, inspired by Japanese culture and crafted with diverse techniques and materials, engaging the senses.

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